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Aquaforest AF150 Professional Skimmer

Aquaforest AF150 Professional Skimmer

Protein skimmers help to keep your saltwater aquarium healthy and oxygenated, the Aquaforest AF150 Professional Skimmer is available now at Aqua Depot. 

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Aquaforest AF150 Professional Skimmer
Brand Aquaforest

Protein skimmers have two main roles in maintaining healthy saltwater aquariums; adding oxygen to the tank and getting rid of toxic substances (including uneaten food and excrement) that could otherwise harm the sensitive ecosystem of a saltwater tank.
Specially designed for the Aquaforest AF150 skimmer the AquaBee AC UP 2000/1/A has ceramic elements, making it quiet and durable with a long life expectancy.

The AF150 Skimmer works best with a tank of 200 to 500 litres.

AquaBee AC UP 2000/1/A specifics
Power: 220/230 V (18 W)
Air pump: max. 650l/h
High: 56 cm
Width: 25 cm
Width with pump: 35 cm

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Brand Aquaforest
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